hello everyone ^_^ been super long, i was at whistler with my choir for like 4 days 3 nights! i'm so exhausted O_O *dies majorly* i have school tomorrow too, which sucks =_=;; i just wanna sleep! how was it? well went to some concerts wich were free XD LOVE IT! well the free part, saw GOB, blackeyed peas with justin timberlake XD *hears the boo'ing in the background* i bought a dress which is odd cuz i don't wear dresses but i was "pressured" to XD looks cute tho, but i spent most of my money on it and didn't have any food much for the last 2 days XD it was fun, tiring but fun! i don't feel like getting onto much detail tho... just wishing nana a happy birthday is i'm still on time X3; luv yew~i will try sending you a gift and hope this time it won't get lost X( and hawu-kun a fun time in sakura CON~

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"i want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more and no less. ask me anything you want. then i want you to copy and paste this in your journal, allowing your friends to ask you anything."

in other news, i got myself a japanese penpal~whoot XD such a cute one !

easter weekend~

whoot how is everyones long weekend going? *yawwwn* its early morning cuz i couldn't sleep last night so i thoguht i'd update LJ since i havent' done so in a while XD lesse........friday was a tame day...decided to relax and rest that day since it was good friday, momw oudln't let us out fo the house anywayz XD

saturday was fun!went to white spot with jess, l-chan (jessica elliot) lurvely kinoko-chan and myself! got dropped off at jess' about 11:30'ish helped her set up easter egg, saw kinoko-chans dress pattern so cute! then her mom drop us off at the t-town mall and went looking for k-chans shirt but left ehr fabric pieces at jess' place so we couldn't compare XD then went to whitespot, waited for l-chan who was late XD ate food, went to flower palce bought a flower.....jess went to buy her mom a nice flower thing, took a while to pick out but it was fun XDthen went back to jess place to give flower water and get k-chans fabric, and then went back to the malland found kchan a shirt she liked :D (hoorayhooray!) then had to go separate ways, so kchan and jess left and lchan and me went the opposite way! stumbled across a bucnh of clowns and lchan got herself a ballon teddy giving a flower, so kyute! waited a bit infront of the library for my parents to pick me up! then went back hoe....
alone in the house for 10 min ( since parents had to go to brothers baseball game) decided to pass by l chans house tog ive her manga back and stayed for 30 min, then she came home with me (abuot 3:30)to talk to kchan online and read funny stuff XD then comp froze so i had to restart and emily calls up telling us she is on her way over! she gets here, kchan gives us a hoemade powerpoint presentation *lurvelurve* and leaves to baby sit! and then we finish reading funny thing my voice got horase XD then we watched samurai x (rurounikenshin) 1-2, it was really good episodes! and then watched gravi 1 and then ate spgahetti out side ^_^ then went back in to finish gravi 1 XD *squealsqueal* then watched naruto 1-2 XD so kawaiiii~and then we sat and talked a bit and drew XD it was 9 by the time XD *dies* so i was sneding them home but it turns out emily didn't have a car till 10 so we walked lchan home and stumbled across her mom and her dog! so we watched them play in the park for a bit and em and me went back home! she wanted to see saiyuki 1 so i showed her, it ended XD then her mom came! we hugged and said goodbai!!!!

so basically my time was: 11:20-2:30 with jess, katie and lchan......3:00-3:10 my place XD along, 3:10-3:30'ish at lchans, lchan was at my place from about 3:30-9:10PM emiy was here at 5:00-10:00PM

that is a lot of hanging out for me XD since i basically don't do much hahaha! anywayz

HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY well easter monday, easter saturday what day you celebrate XD;;; all i'm diong is getting together with my aunt and cousin :D eat some food, sleep tonight hopefully! and relax on easter monday~ahhhhhhh!
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nyanya *o*

wheeeeeee~today was a fun day :D well not really but it was ok x3 in socials class instead of going we had an assembly which was decent and not that boring x3 hooray i missed socials, and i won this like HUGE slurpee mug and its so huge TT_TT had to walk after school so me and kuro-chan walked to seven eleven to get it filled up! brothers are drinking it right now, so coooooooold (#^^#) and then when i got home i recieved letter from beloved chu-chanchan! will reply soon :DDDDDDDDD i love it so much drawing are so pretttty make me HAPPY! i'm putting it on my wallllll~<3
only bad thing is tomorrow i have french test....then monday science test for physics which i absolutely HATE!!!!!!!!! *dies*

quiz stolen from rikit

well lets update with whats i've been doing this week hai x3

monday: went to richmond with kuro-chan, kinoko-chan, tanya and caitlin! was so much fun XD during the bus like caitlin brought her digicam along and took so many pictures XDDDD we went to parker place and played in the arcade "percussion (spelling) beat!! that drum game, rocked my world!! i want it but kuro-chan says its like 5000 USA arcade version since like its not out in ps2 XDXD but i did hear there will be a new ddr extreme! >D wanna get it even tho i still do'nt have a ddr mat TT_TT i borrowed my friends but it still doesn't work that good! i did see a new mat in a game store, it came with its own traveling bag >D and the design looked way cooler nya! i bought some candy crap in that mall XD and then we went to the new aberdine mall, and looked around in the 2$ japanese store XD then went to the next mall yaohan (luckily all these malls were practyically side by side) bought more candy crap there, and went in the book store! ne hawu kun next time you visit i will bring you there because there is yaio x3 expensive but yaoi nonetheless hahahaha! then walked back to parker place X had lunch there and played in arcade some more!!! then took bus home and when i got home family went out for richmond sushi! ate a lot, and became like a pig :o

tuesday+ wednesday: did nothing i don't remember XD got chu-chans letter :D made me happy, but poster and drawin up on my wall :D its so pretty TT_TT i have drawings by chu-chan, hawu-kun and super lana on my wall! with rave poster and 3 pictures from the con i went to last year!!

thursday: went to ladner and bought stuff? did nothing during the day as well, talked to dyne-kun about hosting me but i didn't know what an FTP was so i have to find a new hostee XD! or hoster, i don't know the right term for that hahahah! later the afternoon i mailed kix-senpais and chu-chans letter :o and jessica dropped by my hosue unexpectedly x3;; so she stayed for an hour before i had to go somewhere so she left borrowing my japanese SLANG BOOK and gravi cd XD hahahaha

today is friday :o angelin and glara are coming over for lunch, not too logn a stay since angelin has to practice piano :D mom made cookies and crap :Dtheir arriving pretty soon actually so i should get dressed XD

in other news, the con announced their prices XO 20 dollers one day pass if we get payements in before may 31st!!!!!! wat a rip, they doubled their prices, hope it is better than last year >ED and its still being held at SFU!

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anime evolution change

hey anyone i kno going to anime evolution ( anime evolution ) --besides kuro and hawu-kun--
the date is now during august 20-22
ne hawu-kun XDDD not till august now *weeps* at least we can get together in july to work for con stuff ne? its friday-sunday think we should go saturday again? i woudl love to go friday but i don't think i can get transportation =_= gonna be dark-san XD black pants, black turtle neck tank top and making black wings XD hohoho i am cheap
ganbatte on your costume :D take tons fo pics at sakura con and send'em to me >D wub ya!

in other news spring break just started, and its been pretty busy :o
started on friday and i went with family to watch hidalgo that horse movie, was pretty good! ddr-d some in the theatre XD final song sucked and people watched XD ironic ne?
then saturday i went to japanese school, it was ok :o was heavy duty, later i went to grouse mountain and ate at the restaurant XD prices were $$$$$ x_X;;; saw so many cute bois XD hahahahaha, yummy :o
sunday went to richmond and church and looked around...saw daryan in the mall XD said hello of course.....
monday : today going to jess' at 10 ,well goign to walk there at 10 and get there in 30 minuites i hoep XD then go to richmond with kinoko-chan, tanya and caitlin, and of course kuro-chan ne :o gonna buy some stuff for friends XD;; with the little money i have! after we are going to richmond sushi! ALLL YOU CAN EAT!! whoot! should be home by 5 XD;;;

and possibly later the night for dinner,family may go there agin XD WTF i will be a fat seriusly....not kidding XD

oh i am tortured to report i can only be online for 30 min in a day now XD got my report cards back and yes.......not really good news XD? 3 b's and 6 a's.......b=bad in family twt;; so this is my punishment ne!

-lol-chan send painter soon XD gomen ne i really wanna try it, everyone says its so fun!!!
-hawu-kun, good luck with your project :D i shoudl do my homework too.....
-g-seme miss you :o sorry about all the bad crap that is happening! if i could do anything i would trust me >_> *shufty eyes*

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omfg hawu-kun XD i will get you back for so many letters >D twice the letters i will send i will send you 24 letters O_O BWAHAHAHHAHAHH >D bwahahahahahah! bwahahahahahahah!

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so bored bored bored la! so i decide to update a bit yes x3
well i think i got 3 b's on my report card which means=internet is gone for 3 months! which kills me so much TT_TT but luckily i can entertain myself by playing my brothers gameboy advanced >D he got this game where you have 100+ games in it, and one of the selections is like final fantasy tactics X3 so i'm like kinda hooked on that right now! so either way with internet or none i have something to do <3 plus i can finish off art trades and shit like that x3 draw more and stuff i wish TT_TT
japanese class is going by well still x3 i'm stupid=baka desu hahahaha! i learn stuff with kuro-chanchan, she so kawaii desu! she is smart too knows a lot of japanese crap i don't x3 *dies*
hooray for kinoko-chan, her voice is back and her play was successful! hey k-chan we need to pick a date to go to richmond! plan is that first we chill at yours or jess' house (preferably not mine ^^;;;) then go to movie and then sushi~? sound good>?
for art class i peer tutor grade 8 art (those kids smell and have bad attitudes >>;) so i have to do some art projects of my own! i have to do this thing where i take two pictures and weave them together, jacks position or something like that and then redraw it! and i'm thinking of doing mana hahaha, one of his white costumes and his black one sorta like a dark vs white theme x3;;;; unless any other ideas can be presented? the two images have to relate please!!!!!

g-parents are coming! oh joy~

well not a very big update, just felt like updating for the heck of it ne? yay i got garnet-chans letter today! at least mail still gets to me TT_TT i mailed nana and hawu last week but they still haven't gotten package/letters ><; damn postal, whats wrong with them!! damnitdamnit, so now i have to reburn the saiyuki cds for you nana but i do'nt kno if i can find shota again until this summer =_=
today was normal, finished socials test so i'm done all my tests for the week~got 1-50something episodes of naruto=happy! i ran out of cds so i couldn't get the other 11 episodes burnt from my friends disc, oh well i can always ask and borrow it again! so far i think i have 2 b's? don't really kno...kinda too tired to care XD? grandparents are coing from florida! they are from philippines, who went to canada for christmas who went to florida then who is coming bak here for daddy's birthday then to return to phillippines XD i think their brining that ps2 webcam game thing for a present for the boys XD no yaoi for me -weepweep-
spring break is coming up soon! kuro and i wanna go out to richmond sushi for all you can eat during the break and go watch movie! kinoko wanna come along? i dont kno how we'll get transported tho...most likely by bus since you are the expert x3
thinking of taking up summer school this year for socials 11, i mean its only for 6 weeks 3 hours a day and it ends at noon! they cut out so much crap so i would like to get it over with! i would hate to do socials for one year at school!
speaking os summer anime evolution is back again! can't wait, so many people coming this year! i think i am going to cosplay as dark this year XD and my friend want to be krad, he is my lover, well she will be my lover for the con x3? gonna may black wings XD hahahah -retarded- of course i won't look like him at all but its all about the fun hai!? thinking of getting an art table with friends to show off crapp art XD i wish hahaha~

notice: if i'm online and i don't message or talk to you when you talk to me, its not me XD sometimes my brothers/sister forgets to put away message or kills it by accident XO sorry for the inconvenience XD

to do list:
reburn saiyuki for nana
mail garnet-chan
mail lolu-senpai
update crap :o
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happy late valentines

pyupyupyula~so tired! nyo happy valentines day one day late x3 yesterday was also jess' birthday!!! happy happy birthday wheeee ^__^ very busy valentines day this year XD i had my hair cut the morning at 9 AM so now my hair is short TT_TT so short and so different XD i look more asian now o_O hahahah XD everyone was kinda like you kno surprised but i think they liked it..if not they didn't tell me it looks stupid then XD then i went home at about 10:35AM to get my japanese stuff and then pick up jess then we headed over to japanese school XD it was same old same old, luckily i answered msot of the questions she asked me right XD although the concept we were learning was kinda confusing but i am stupid XD baka desu! then went home to shower and pack for jess' then went to her oplace at about 2:45 to help her with her party and stuff, setting thigns up and crp like that XD she showed me all the loverly scenes of ffx-2 ;n; TIDUUUUUUS WHERE THE FREAK ARE YEW!!!! then katie came out at 6 (the party didn't start till 7) and we played ddr, the creepy ass thign is that jess' ddr mat controlled itself o_O like it would change songs on its own, that was freakin scary ;u; thhen the rest of the people came at 7 x3 i forgot what we did first o_O but emily pulled my pants down ;________; and this girl caught it on camera XD so freakin funny, i was like all RAGE but spray bottle made me calm XD but freak, seriously i've never had pants pulled down before ;-; so mean *weeps* we watched underworld, the movie wasn't that good sadly but yeah XD we had another movie but people wanted to sleep....but ended up talking for another hour! most sleep i've ever had at a sleepover i must say! i think we slept about 4 and we woke up at 9 i think XD or later, who knows x3 had much fun, kinda tired very tired though, and the day is going slowly now since i went bak home at about 10:30AM and that is today, all i've done is finish of YnM tsuzukixhisoka <3 screw muraki ;n; he's a big poopie head! and i'm finishing some french homework i think, and am gonna start my study guide for my science midterm TT_TT;;; and must study for socials, freak so much *sigh* i have to get together with my gym danse gruop or we're scrwed over for our danse since we have to present in like a day >_<; oh well, hope everyone had a great valentines~
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