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well my weekend was quite good :D well better than usual i guess XD hahahaha excuse the bad typing since its really early in the mornign and my fingers aren't really working properly XD

well saturday japanese, then jess came over XD watched naruto 1-6 XD bored her extremely but i warned her there was nothing to do at my palce haahaha!

sunday was fun *O* went to church first then to metro town to meet up with hawu-kun!!!!! <3<3 met at artbox, she had to eat first since she hadn't eaten and we talked and were scared of this old guy sitting to a table near us XD i think he liked watching her eat! then we went shop at morning glory~i bought postcards XD i'm cheap and didn't bring lots of money TTnTT but they were pretty, she bought lotsa stuff too :D then we went to playdium and hawu thought her card was eaten by the machine but it was in ehr hand XD we were laughign so much and the people at the front desk were like "o.O; stupid kids on drugs XD" ahahah and i have so much points still that we have to go to metro town again XD we played ddr and time crisis! dood it was so funny when we were trying to set ddr up for 2 people to play on XD this girl waiting in line helped us out so we gave her our points and she returned it to us later on XD then after we didn't stay long in playdium actually :o we wanted to play parapara so we went to this other arcade, but damnit they took it away O_O EVIL FAT MAN who sold it *weeps* wanted to see hawu kun play nyaaaaa TTnTT oh well mebbe playdium bought it XDDDD so we took sticker pictures instead!! they are so pretty, it was funny too since we didn't know what was going on and when picture were taken XD then i had to leave soon so we play ddr again and just afetr relax in foodcourt TTnTT then i had to go, i missed her so much~i love you! marry me :D hahahah~............then i opened her gift (we exchanged gifts in thebeggning) so cool i got yaoi hunterxhunter >D>D>D naruto stuff, pins and slam dunk!!!!!!!! i love it <3<3 after we went to watch shrek 2 XD it was freakin funny!!!!
that was abuot ti for my sunday xD hawu i will mail stickers to you in letter hai~<3

now today we are gonna watch troy with a bunch of people :D should be a good movie i hope, then i think their hanging out after the movie but i don't think i can so i weep *weepweep* XD oh well~i mis you kinoko TTnTT come back wish you could've come today! but the time change to 12:30 O_O and you are still at camp *hug*
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