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nyanya :D

i'm so tired ,why am i up this early in the morning? because i was awakened by breakfast so if i make like huge typing errors try to make sense of it cuz i'll only fix the ones where it doens't even resemble a word XD whats been happening? JC ends tonight (thank goodness, i mean it was fun but i'm a one play person XD after one play i'm done and tired XDD) cast party afterwards, don't know if its gonna be any good, i kno we're eatign at jhonny o's which i heard suck so i can count on the food not tasting yummy XD its been pretty successful *knock on wood* we've had our good nights and bad nights, also good and bad audiences buts its been ok. this month is pretty busy ( in my standards since i do NOTHING)
ahhhhh haihai hawu-kun mommy says i can go to mettro town ^____^ we just need to figure out time hai? and we're meeting at the artbox right? and on the 24th there is no school ad it is victoria day, mebbe you can sleep over XD but don't think your mom will let you!

may 9 emily birthday day XD
may 14-15 emily birthday (??)
may 15 dentist
may 23 hawu-kun arcade day <3
may 24 victoria day (no school)
june 5 celebrate early party
june 6 telethon volounteer/cousins graduating
june 11 out of school for exams
june 12 katies birthday
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