leanna (yami_yuki) wrote,

stolen from nana

Pick up to 10 people from your friends list, say something anonymous to them. Don't say who it is, and don't reveal them unless they guess.

1. i known you for almost over a year now? i don't talk to you much anymore TT_TT makes me sad, you are always so busy now!! so much school work = sadness!! finish my letters, hahahaha! we need to hang out more even if your mom doesn't want you coming to my place a lot! i will visit you one day >D <3

2. even tho we live close we only really talk online or on the phone (rarely) but it is so much fun when we hang out, wel i have fun i don't kno about you :P i've known you for most likely the longest time out of everyone my most real life friend XD even tho i complain a lot, tell me to shut up once in a while!

3.we known each other for a while, once we were the closest now we have drifted, some words cannot be taken back even tho they can be forgiven. i may not always be there for you, but i want to assure that if you need anyone i am here and waiting...even tho it may not seem that way.

4. you're one of my oldest online friends, and i'm glad we are still friends (i hope XD;) even tho we don't talk much, schedule sucks and crap like that i love when we do talk! your art rocks and don't you forget it! you have to come here sometime and we can all hang out. i admit we have grown apart, one of the reasons i just don't go online much anymore but if you have any complaints just tell me ^^

5. we've known each other almost as long as my other friend, we don't have much fights really but that is good! sometimes i get annoyed, but only when you act out of character! nonetheless you are one of my closest friends that i would trust with my life (unless you were the one after it ahaha) no matter what happens, lets always keep in touch!

6. we've known each other for a short time, but you are very nice and fun :D we don't talk online since my msn is busted 90% of the time but we write letters ^^ lets write mroe so i can find out more abuot you~<3 and your drawings kick ass TT_TT

7. we've known each other for an average length of time since highschool began! you actually introduced my further into my obsession *winkwink* even tho you are hard to get along with sometimes, and kinda snappy you are super cool XD we don't hang out, we shoudl hang out more!'

8. we known each other for a few years, you are really cool! we do'nt talk much partly because it takes you so long to reply back XD but i remember our rp of gravitation~that was fun ^^ we should rp it is fun :D

9. i do'nt talk to you much anymore or at all since my msn is busted and you don't go on aim often enough TT-TT you're one of the most professional artists i kno and super kind! i want to talk more wiht you but it is hard since i do'nt see you online!

10. i hardly talk to you but you're so CRAZY! and so much fun XDDDDD all about the hoe slapping the corn dog! i just need to poo >3

jesus christ superstar opening night tomorrow! i'm part of it wish me luck *dies*
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